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Commander Francisco Cumberland is on trial for his career.


Commander Francisco Cumberland is on Starbase 134 being court-martialled for the near-destruction of the USS Hannibal.

Memorable quotes[]

"Personal log, stardate: 7114.3 Commander Francisco Cumberland recording. Well, it finally happened, Starfleet has me up on a court martial for the near destruction of the Hannibal. Me-Ar and J.T. are working on the refit and reconstruction and everyone else is either working on the ship or on leave. I'm currently confined to quarters on Starbase 134. The good news is that Commodore Jake Caffey is defending me but Captain Serek is my prosecutor. If it goes well and I’m acquitted, I keep my rank and command, on the other hand, if I lose and found guilty, I could spend some time in a penal colony without my rank or command, if that happens, once released, I could always open up a dojo. Log entry out."
Commander Francisco Cumberland recording his log before the Court-martial begins.


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