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"The True Way" is the third episode of season 1 of Star Trek: Constance.


The True Way starts out as the USS Constance is beginning a survey mission of the Badlands, but before they can actually begin they are contacted by Captain James Kurland of Deep Space Nine. Kurland informs them of reports of attacks on civilian ships by the True Way, which had been traced to the Badlands, passing on orders from Starfleet Command to Captain Rachel Covaks to investigate the area for a True Way base. At the same time, Melody Irea discovers a slight variation in the warp core containment field that lasts for a few seconds before reverting to normal, the exact cause unknown. On the last moon of the Gas Giant, they encounter the True Way Gul Boraj, and after a quick battle push the True Way back, and send an away team led by Drash Kada to a Maquis base on the moon below.

While the Away team fights the True Way down on the planet, Captain Covaks contacts Admiral To'ran. The Admiral had raised Kassadae, and Captain Covaks was interested in how a Romulan got into Starfleet. The Admiral admitted that he had pulled some strings to allow Kassadae to enter the academy and medical, To'ran would also address the issues that where still plaguing Rachel about the USS Morgana.

Back on the moon, the Away Team fights through a group of True Way to the holding cells where they freed Maquis who had been taken from a prison camp. They met up with Joshua Riker, who agreed to help them get through the facility. Rachel knew that usually returning them to the Federation would mean a trial, even so long after the Dominion War ended, she agreed to let the Maquis transport their supplies on board the Constance. Captain Covaks made the case to Admiral Quinn, hoping to convince Starfleet to allow the Maquis to stay on board the Constance at the same time that the away team was tagging the supply crates and sabotaging the True Way weapons.

After surviving the battle with Gul Boraj, the away team returned to the Constance as a second ship came into view around the planet. The ship would turn out to be the ISS Constance, the Terran Empire equivalent to the Constance, and an electrical charge runs through the ship, knocking Captain Covaks out briefly. As a side effect, it seemed that the two captains switched places.


"The Federation will fall to the Klingons, if not the Klingons then the Romulans, if not the Romulans then it will be the True Way."
— Episode 3 opening.

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