"Threads, Part Two" is the eleventh episode of Star Trek: Unity (fan film series), a Fan Film Series. It is the second part of a two part story, beginning with "Threads" and is also the final regular appearance of Max Stafford as Lt. Commander Prax and Lizzie Golding as Lt. Commander Amanda Wood.


Escaping from the “Big Brother House”, Lewis and Lisa discover the Borg Emperor’s plans to completely assimilate Kressgon. Puto must come up with a successful plan to save the primitive world, while Lewis and Lisa, Prax and Amanda struggle with their relationships…


  • This episode begins exactly as Part One ends.
  • Prax and Amanda Wood begin a relationship here.


  • Up to this point, this episode was the longest made, running at 28+ minutes.
  • The cast weren't actually drunk when they filmed the "drunk" scene. In fact, no alcohol was consumed.

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