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"Threads" is the tenth episode of Star Trek: Unity, a Fan Film Series. It is the first part of a two-part story, concluding with "Threads, Part Two" and introduces the new regular character of Captain Lisa Coventry and the new starship USS Odyssey-A.


While on a routine survey on the planet Kressgon, Puto and Lewis find a massive Borg Harvester assimilating the population. Captain Lisa Coventry assists the team, and soon finds herself captured by the Borg with Lewis. Meanwhile, Prax begins to have feelings for Amanda, but is there any possibility of a relationship?

Memorable quotes[]

"Ah. My good sir. Would you like a game of chess?"
Lewis to Puto
"I... THINK we've provoked them!"
Lisa on the beginning of a Borg attack
"AHHH! Spaceship! Attacking!"
— A Kressgon native
"AT LAST! I HAVE RETURNED! I am ready to lead the BORG AGAIN!"
The Borg "Emperor"
"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, you always say that, you always threaten us with doomsday, and then we kick your ass-es... ALL YOUR ASSES!!!"
Lewis to The Borg "Emperor"



  • This episode (and its second part) took the longest to film this far in the series. Production started in March 2006 and continued until late August.
  • This is the first episode written by other people and Luke Sutton and Ian Pidgley. (See episode bar above)

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