"Through the Looking Glass" is the fourth episode of season 1 of Star Trek: Constance.


The episode starts as episode 3 ended, with Rachel Covaks having switched places with her Mirror Counterpart on board the ISS Constance Despite a brief confrontation between the two ships, they agree to leave each other alone for the time being, the two Captains attempting to figure out exactly what had happened that made them switch places. This also showed Mirror Drash Kada's first mistrust of her Captain, ordering the computer to keep an eye on her.

We would also gain an insight into the differences between the two Captains, while the main universe Rachel Covaks seemed almost disturbed by the methods and record of her Mirror Counterpart, the Terran Empire Captain had a similar reaction to Archer, considering an Explorer to be weak compared to a Conqueror. It was also mentioned in a conversation between the Mirror Captain and Drash Kada that the ISS Constance was newer than the USS Constance. At the same time, Mirror Drash was meeting with the Terran Senior Staff, making the decision to mutiny against the Captain. Getting enough prior warning from her Mirror Counterpart, Rachel Covaks managed to escape before the security team arrived to escort her to the brig.

At around this time on the USS Constance, Counselor Reana Corbell discusses the Mental strain that the Mirror captain seems to be under. She also at this point is the first to use the term "Mirror Universe" to describe the alternate universe. At the same time Commander Drash Kada had a discussion with Joshua Riker about the encounter with the ISS Constance.

Captain Covaks broke into Sick Bay, after stunning the staff she demanded a Thoron Generator from Mirror Kassadae to mask her signature, an old Maquis trick, Mirror Kassadae also figured out based off of scans that she is not her Captain. She also revealed to Captain Covaks that she was part of a movement within the Empire to turn it into the Federation. Having the benefit of hindsight, they are not sure exactly how to avoid the problems that Spock had. The two Doctors began to put together a plan to restore their two captains.

At the climax of the chapter, Mirror Commander Drash orders a weapons lock on the USS Constance, before Rachel Covaks enters the bridge. The plan is hatched at this point, transporting the two captains off the ships, and restoring them to normal.


"Like Alice, we must now travel through the looking glass. What lies beyond is the greatest mystery of all."
— Chapter 4 opening

Background information

  • In a brief dialogue before Rachel Covaks broke into a Cargo Bay, two security officers had a brief conversation based off of the opening of Red vs. Blue.
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