Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story covers how Hoshi Sato (mirror) becomes the Empress of the Terran Empire.

In January of 2155, Sato has seized the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) and poisoned Jonathan Archer (mirror) with a drug known as tricoulamine. However, her power is not yet secure. In order to consolidate her power, she decides to have the agony booth built that Malcolm Reed (mirror) and Phlox (mirror) have been designing. Reed's PADD is password-protected, so she and Travis Mayweather (mirror) pay a visit to sickbay, where Reed is a patient.

After fighting a Gorn, Reed has lost one eye and an infection is setting in. But there is no doctor to treat him, as Phlox is in custody. The only person to care for him is Beth Cutler, who isn't even a doctor.

In order to push Reed to talk, Sato gets into contact with a former doctor for the Emperor, Phillip IV. The doctor, Cyril Morgan (mirror), is lucky to be alive after incurring the Emperor's wrath. He agrees to assist Sato. Reed and Phlox are killed in sickbay.

Meanwhile, the Emperor is asked to come and tour the new ship. He arrives with three bodyguards, Andrew Miller (mirror), José Torres (mirror) and Brian Delacroix (mirror). Sato meets him with Mayweather and three of her own guards, Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett , Chandler Masterson (mirror) and Aidan MacKenzie (mirror). The Emperor's guards are convinced to join the upstart and the Emperor is assassinated.

The Emperor's family is also killed, to prevent them from rising up in the future, including his infant daughter, Anastasia.

Finally, the last threat is eliminated, T'Pol (mirror), as the new Empress throws her weight around and asserts control over her new dominion.

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