Tiana Ripley (née Palmer) was the daughter of former USS Baldwin chief engineer Everett Palmer and the namesake of her great-grandaughter, Tiana Ingrum.

The Palmer family discovered they were having a girl in early 2309. After consulting a baby name book, they choose the name "Tiana," which meant "princess" because after five boys the new child would be the princess of the family. (USS Baldwin: Ronax, "Two of Us")

She would later marry James Ripley, the son of former Baldwin first officer Jennifer Ripley. Together, they would have a daughter, Allison.

Her grandson, Patrick Ingrum, would later command the Baldwin and would name his first daughter after her. (USS Baldwin: "Two of Us")

Background[edit | edit source]

Both Tiana Ripley and Tiana Ingrum were named after an acquaintance of USS Baldwin author Richie Kennedy, based upon the meaning of her name ("princess"). The meaning of the name was incorporated into the storyline.

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