Times of the HG Wells is a series of time travel stories about the ENT character Daniels and a cast of original characters, written by jespah (a pseudonym).

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Covering the missions of the Temporal Integrity Commission, particularly the exploits of Richard Daniels, Times of the HG Wells is a successor series to In Between Days and some of its stories and characters cross over between the two series.

Furthermore, Daniels is a descendant of main characters in In Between Days, and he fathers a temporally paradoxical child, Jun Sato, with Hoshi Sato (mirror).

Canon and Continuity[edit | edit source]

Much of this time period is not covered by canon, so there is not much to go on. Because many of the historical missions take place during true history, what actually happened, e. g. the bombing in Oklahoma City, is placed before canon in terms of respect and writing.

Canon, where available, is respected or enhanced. Time portals, for example, are used less than Time ships, more for plots' sakes but also to explain how time travelers are able to hop between the prime universe and the Mirror universe.

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