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"To Boldly Go" is episode one of season one and the pilot episode of Star Trek: Constance.

Title quote[]

Chapter one and the chapters to follow would include a quote that the title of the chapter is part of. In this case, slightly paraphrasing the famous opening from Star Trek.

"These are the voyages of the Starship Constance, Her continuing mission to seek out new forms of life and new civilizations, To boldly go where no one has ever gone before."
— -Chapter one opening


To Boldly Go begins in 2409 as the USS Constance is at the Earth starbase, awaiting the arrival of their newest crewmembers. The Constance receives word from Admiral Roland of a Borg attack on the Vega colony, and was ordered to assist the fleet that was sent there to repel the Borg. Upon arrival in the Vega system, they picked up a distress call from the USS Khitomer, one of the few survivors of the battle, and an Away team led by Commander Rachel Covaks was sent to assist.

On board the Khitomer, they are greeted by the ships Emergency Medical Hologram, who informs them of the situation. The Borg had overrun the bridge, and where attacking main engineering. Kassadae agreed to stay behind in order to assist the EMH with the wounded while Commander Covaks and the remaining members of the away team assisted Lieutenant Thelis in the Auxiliary control with getting Borg off the ship. The away team would go on to assist with destroying Borg devices that where disrupting communication, and would push the Borg off of the ship for good.

When they returned to the Constance, they where met by Lt. Commander Syre, the only other surviving member of the senior staff. As the First Officer, Commander Covaks took command as the Acting Captain. Receiving a message from Captain Alcott of the USS Seacole, the Constance provided assistance to the remaining ships that had survived the Borg attack. During this short interlude, Commander Covaks confronted Kassadae about her origins, where the medical officer admitted that while she was raised on Vulcan, she is in fact a Romulan by birth. After completing the relief efforts, the Constance ' moved on to the Vega colony itself.

The Borg had beamed down to the Vega colony, after a short battle in orbit around the colony, Commander Covaks led an away team to the planet. The Borg where acting strange, almost disconnected somehow, Commander Covaks also mentioned that she had lost a family member at Wolf 359. After disrupting an energy shield, a number of Borg structures where destroyed, and the attack on the Vega colony repelled.

After the completion of the mission, Admiral Quinn contacted the Constance and informed Commander Covaks that she would become the permanent captain of the Constance. She would announce her intentions to keep the ship and crew true to the original intentions of Starfleet, to explore instead of fighting wars, which set the stage for the rest of the fanfic.

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