Together is a novel by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is about the events surrounding the marriage of Jennifer Crossman and Frank Ramirez, and the kidnapping of several persons from the Enterprise (NX-01) in 2159.

For Jennifer's marriage, she asks her friend, Lili O'Day Beckett to cater the event. Lili and her husband, Doug, and their son, Joss, are picked up from Lafa II in August.

But first there is a dinner party at the Becketts. Jenny is invited, as are Jonathan Archer, Malcolm Reed and Hoshi Sato. Lili is pregnant, the dinner is a happy one, and all seems to be going well, but Malcolm is struck by a remembered infatuation.

The Beckett family is brought aboard, but the ship is confronted by a large cloaked vessel. It turns out to be a ship owned by an Andromeda Galaxy species, the Zetal. They and their agents, who are of a species called Witannen, and their henchmen, who are of a mercenary species called Imvari, kidnap a total of ten people for their own purposes.

The kidnapped are brought to a large holding center with several other species. The purpose is to pair them up for breeding, as that ship is about to leave the galaxy. The Zetal want them to play war games.

The pairings are Lili and Malcolm, Jenny and Travis Mayweather, Trip Tucker and Hoshi, Captain Archer and Security Crewman Deborah Haddon, and Doug and a pilot, Melissa Madden.

Upon rescue, it is determined that Melissa is pregnant with Doug's child. The two of them, Lili and Malcolm, decide to continue the unconventional relationship, bringing in Melissa's lesbian lover, Leonora Digiorno, as Lili and Doug change their commitment to that of an open marriage.

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