Doctor Torvin was a Trill doctor living on the planet Trill in 2371. When Jadzia Dax returned to Trill, in this year, to find out the cause of her strange hallucinations and she was having major difficulties, Doctor Renhol asked for Doctor Torvin to prepare a new host for surgery. Benjamin Sisko instead recommended to tell the doctor to get himself a cup of raktajino as he wouldn't be needed. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

In 2384, Torvin was living on Moab IV. Commander Seifer and Doctor Lox from the USS Phoenix-X took the runabout Iroh to Moab IV in order to seek Torvin's assistance in curing genetic alterations to the Seifer symbiont. Torvin was successful in achieving this, where Lox wasn't. The Seifer symbiont was returned to normal. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Remnants")

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