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The USS Phoenix-X inside a transwarp conduit

Transwarp is an extremely fast form of propulsion, utlizing transwarp conduits that have different properties than standard space. It is the main propulsion system for the Borg, although Federation scientists have studied the principles involved with creating a transwarp drive, with marginal success.

Fundamentally, transwarp drive is a generic term for technologies that overcome the limitations of conventional warp drive.

The USS Excelsior NX-2000 was employed by Starfleet to test what was referred to as a transwarp drive in the 2280s. By the following decade, however, the ship was equipped with a standard warp drive.

In 2369, the Starfleet X-Project saw to the development of another experimental starship with transwarp ability. The ship, the USS Phoenix-X, would be able to create its own temporary conduits for faster than warp speeds. Unfortunately, the X-Project was reported to be another failure in 2374; when in actuality, this was merely a cover-up by Section 31. Section 31 hoped to utilize the vessel for their own missions. The Phoenix-X was then launched in service of Starfleet in a supposed normal warp drive. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

In 2450, the Star Triangle Advanced Guard obtained some Borg transwarp coils which were then duplicated and implemented on many STAG vessels. (Adventures of STAG)

By the 28th century, transwarp conduits were commonplace throughout Federation and Alliance space; and most, if not, all, Federation starships were equipped with transwarp drives. (Star Trek: 001)

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