For the prime universe counterpart, see Travis Mayweather.

Sergeant Travis Mayweather was a Terran who served aboard the ISS Enterprise as a MACO NCO. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

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On January 23 2153, Mayweather was one of several Enterprise crewmembers who were in the mess hall to welcome a group of visiting Vissians. During this, an Andorian conscript walked into Mayweather and his guest, so the sergeant ordered Corporal Elizabeth Cutler to punish him. Mayweather then explained to the Vissian, who was concerned about how the Terrans had conquered several more advanced planets, that the Terran Empire confiscated technology from a Vulcan invasion force and simply sought to bring order to chaos. During this, Mayweather had made a Vulcan conscript bring drinks over.

Mayweather later led a detail of MACOs as security when Captain Maximilian Forrest and Commander Archer met the Vissians to discuss a diplomatic incident surrounding Commander Tucker and a Vissian cogenitor. (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: Cogenitor)

Alongside Corporal Cutler, Mayweather protected Archer & Forrest when they informed the senior staff of the Xindi attack on Earth, a conversation he unexpectedly contributed to. When Enterprise reached Earth, he joined Cutler and Major Malcolm Reed in London. He spotted a lynch mob attacking a Tellarite, a sign of the increased xenophobia on Earth. After Reed chose not to intervene, Mayweather and Cutler joined Reed in a tour of All Souls Church and its memorial to World War III. Despite his lack of interest, Mayweather completed the tour and saw afterwards that the local police had saved the Tellarite. Mayweather asked if the MACO trio should have done the same, but Reed pointed out they were military, not police. (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: A Crisis on Earth)

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