Captain Tricia Robinson was the commanding officer of the USS Paragon during the 2370s. Born on Earth in 2337, she was the daughter of Kelly Robinson and Samantha MacLean, Starfleet Intelligence operatives. (Star Trek: Paragon)

After the untimely death of her mother in the line of duty, Robinson's father encouraged her to pursue a career in the regular fleet rather than follow their footsteps into the intelligence service.

Robinson graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy, and rose quickly to the rank of Lieutenant Commander while serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Though reluctant to leave the Enterprise when the offer of promotion was presented in 2371, she realized it would be the best way to advance her career. Robinson accepted the position of first officer aboard the USS Paragon to gain the command experience that she lacked. Her ultimate goal was eventually to someday return to the Enterprise in a command capacity. However, shortly after signing aboard the Paragon, she realized that the ship and crew were exceptional and the prospect of remaining with that ship began to have its own appeal.

Not long after her transfer, Robinson was promoted to Captain of the Paragon following the resignation of her former commanding officer, Kyle Owens. (Star Trek: Paragon: "Command Decision")

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