The Triple-E Senates was the rock band of which Rihanna was the lead singer. His brother, Aehmig, was allowed to perform at times. (RIS Bouteina: "Fundraiser")

  • Lead singer: Rihanna
  • Guitarist: Sima Yi (and later Otto Mann)
  • Bass player: James Rajotte
  • Drummer: Hugh Jass
  • Flutist: Geneviève Ross


The group was started in early 2384 in Springfield because it was the doctorate thesis of its lead singer. As such, it was called the "MI6s". After expulsion from Springfield University, its lead singer, Tanneke van Ruijven, left the group, leaving the band into a void that was filled by Rihanna, who assumed control of the band. (RIS Bouteina: "Fundraiser")

Also, when the RIS Bouteina made a stop at Simpson's Planet to resupply shuttlecraft as well as torture instruments, Sima Yi left the band, under the premise of applying at Springfield University, letting Otto Mann in instead. (RIS Bouteina: "Days of Wine and D'ohses")

The recurring theme in their videoclips was sickbays. ("Kingdom Hospital", "Cigarette Redshirt")

The Triple-E Senates were awarded a contract by the Interstellar Concordium for their anti-drug advertisement campaign. ("Drug Wars")


The Triple-E Senates were named after a cause célèbre of Canadian Senate reform, who was called the Triple-E Senate as a contrived acronym, meaning Equal, Elected and Effective.


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