The Trozonians were an ancient species, governed by the Trozonian Empire, who lived on the other side of the galaxy. Somehow they knew of the Federation, 6000 years ago, and believed that it would take over the galaxy one day. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Bio Level 4")

History[edit | edit source]

A generational starship was sent, taking 248 years to get to Earth, so that it would destroy it. But the attempt was thwarted by the USS Phoenix-X. On their way into Federation space, they disabled ships like the USS Cedar, the USS Blue Nose, the USS Shark, the USS Sun Light and the USS Grolier.

Ancient Holy Scriptures[edit | edit source]

According to their scriptures, which are nearly 6000 years old - it was prophesied that the homeworld of Trozonia would be taken over by the Human species.

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