"I was a naval history instructor, sir. If I don’t do my homework, what kind of example does that set for my students?"
Tyria Sark to Rear Admiral David Huntington (The War of the Masters: "The Silence Ends")

Tyria Sark, née Rohallin, was a female Trill active in the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th through early 25th centuries. She was the eleventh host of the Sark symbiont. (The War of the Masters)

Biography[edit | edit source]

A member of Starfleet Academy's Class of 2398, Tyria Rohallin majored in Operations Research. In her senior year she was ranked as a cadet commander in her Academy brigade and also served as captain of the women's basketball team.

After graduating in the top three percent of her class, she was trained as a space warfare officer in Annapolis, Maryland, then served as alpha shift conn officer on the USS Excalibur.

Presumably her training took place on the present-day site of the United States Naval Academy.

In 2404 Tyria requested a transfer to shore duty after having some "life changes", namely taking the Sark symbiont, marrying Lieutenant Jolin Tabris, and birthing their daughter Sameen. From then until 2407 she taught naval history for the Starfleet ROTC program at Leran Manev State University.

In 2407, now holding the rank of lieutenant commander, Tyria was asked by Henry Wake of Starfleet's Bureau of Personnel to return to field service as the first officer of the USS Warsaw, with a corresponding early promotion to full commander. ("The Silence Ends")

In February 2411, Tyria held the rank of captain and took command of USS Black Prince. Shortly after the christening, she was vacationing with her husband in Port Ikrina, Moash, on Trill, when she was called back to work to lead the enforcement of a Federation protectorate agreement with the Teplan Protectorate. She successfully negotiated with the Dominion to obtain official Teplan independence but was forced to make major concessions. ("A Good Compromise")

In August 2412 her ship was assigned to Operation Peacekeeper under Rear Admiral David Huntington, whom she warned that based on prior experience of her symbiont, the proxy war in the Moab Confederacy was not likely to end well for anyone. Unbeknownst to Huntington, Tyria had additional secret orders. ("The Silence Ends")

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