USS Accord (NCC-1842) was a Soyuz-class tactical frigate on active duty in Starfleet during the 23rd and 24th centuries. (Star Trek: Accord, Star Trek: Avenger)

History[edit | edit source]

2250s and 60s[edit | edit source]

Accord -- commanded by Captain Soledad Ibañez -- was launched in October, 2256, along with other Soyuz-class starships (Star Trek: Accord: "Year One"). Nearly seven years later, Accord was lost while on a classified mission. One of its command bases during this time was Starbase 25.

2290s[edit | edit source]

In April of 2292, the Accord was found by the Federation-class dreadnought USS Konkordium. There was major damage to all systems, but the spaceframe remained intact. The logs made it clear that the attacker "was a) more advanced (but not much) and b) no one [the Federation had] encountered before." Months later, Starfleet Intelligence deduced that the same civilization that attacked Accord had attacked the perimeter action ship USS Arauca in 2289. That civilization was the Cardassian Union.

Over 14 months later, after refit at Ohio Orbital Shipyards, the Accord began its alpha shakedown cruise. It was commissioned in the fall of 2293, with Captain Mark H. Anbinder taking formal command of Accord. Accord was then launched for a beta shakedown cruise with all crew except for its marine strike group.

Following this period, Accord embarked on a mission on the far side of Klingon space. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Within the Belt")

In July, 2294, a contingent from the Accord, conveyed aboard its shuttle Hammarskjöld, attended the funeral of a Starfleet colleague at Starbase 29. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Belonging")

A wargames exercise between the fighter squadrons of Space Station Shadowstar, USS Lexington, USS Avenger, and the Accord was scheduled to take place in May of 2295. Other ships, including USS Thagard, were to be present as observers. A task force of Tholian vessels attempted to attack the station, but was thwarted. The exercise was rescheduled to October.

In June the Accord made formal contact with ch'Rhailan, a colony of Romulan Unificationist refugees.

In 2296, two officers from the Accord traveled to Shadowstar Station for a ceremony attended by the crews of more than three dozen starships. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence")

An Accord officer from the 2290s or 2300s (prior to 2308) went back in time to 1978 to prevent the assassination of Harvey Milk of San Francisco. The officer's shipmates pursued him and prevented him from interfering with the timeline. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Timeline; Star Trek: Accord: "City on the Edge of California")

2300s[edit | edit source]

In mid-2304, Accord continued to operate beyond the Storm Line, in the New Colonies territories. (Star Trek: Avenger: "To Everything There is a Season")

October 2315: Accord is decommissioned and returned to Earth. (Star Trek: Avenger: Timeline, Stardate 12002.02 revision)

Assignment patch[edit | edit source]

The assignment patch for Accord from its commissioning in 2256 through its disappearance in 2263 was a black-bordered gold isosceles triangle, within which would be the Command, Sciences, or Operations symbols in black; or the Medicine symbol in red.

The official colors of the ship were black, silver and carnelian (PMS 187), which were used in both a physical ship's pennant and as tuned deflector-shield output during Fleet ceremonies.

771st Marine Strike Group[edit | edit source]

The 771st Marine Strike Group embarked on Accord were known as the Smilin' Piranhas. It is not known which came first, the group appellation or the nickname for the fightercraft that they flew.

Shuttle and auxiliary craft inventory[edit | edit source]

On its launch in 2256, Accord had three Class E shuttlecraft, Braal, Winath and Titan. A Dewaruci-class aquashuttle, Vathlo Island, was added in 2260.

Two squadrons of Garuda-class fighters -- Merah Squadron and Putih Squadron -- were embarked on Accord from 2256 until its disappearance in 2263.

After its rediscovery and refit in 2292, Accord had at least three shuttles, the Kissinger, the Camp David and the Hammarskjöld.

The fightercraft embarked on Accord in the 2290s and 2300s were of the Smilin' Piranha-class.

Accord Officers and Crew[edit | edit source]

2250s and 60s[edit | edit source]

2290s[edit | edit source]

2300s[edit | edit source]

2310s[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Alan Rose, executive officer (?-2310)
  • Major (later Lieutenant Colonel and Captain) Will Devine, chief science officer, later commanding officer (2308-2315)
  • Commander Marie Beshures, chief communications officer, later executive officer (2310-2315)

Other ships named Accord[edit | edit source]

21st century[edit | edit source]

22nd century[edit | edit source]

23rd century[edit | edit source]

24th century[edit | edit source]

29th century[edit | edit source]

  • USS Accord (NCV-2561842) - Wells-class timeship. ("The USS Accord Fictional Timeline v. 3.0")

Miscellanea[edit | edit source]

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