The USS Adelphi (NCC-26849) was an Ambassador-class starship in service during the mid-24th century. Captain Darson was her commanding officer during the Ghorusda Disaster, a disastrous first contact with the Ghordusans costing 47 crew lives, including Darson's. After an investigation into the matter, Starfleet found Darson ignored Ghordusan cultural taboos, causing the disaster. (TNG: "Tin Man")

Fan continuities[edit | edit source]

"4th and Market"[edit | edit source]

Beverly Crusher alternated between assignments on the Adelphi and at Starfleet Medical on Earth in the late 2340s.

Star Trek: Abandoned[edit | edit source]

In mid-2385, the starship under the command of Captain Tom Farrin was dispatched to provide tactical support to the Inc'Radi expedition deep in the Beta Quadrant. (Star Trek: Abandoned: "Fatal Attraction")

After sustaining damage at the hands of a then-unknown Inc'Ranas fighter, she made the official - if disastrous - first contact with that species. ("Contact") Several weeks later, she made contact with a former Borg vessel, the inhabitants of which informed the expedition of the approach of three Hive ships. ("Solitude")

Towards the end of that year, Adelphi was fitted with Vehrian weaponry salvaged from the planet's rings in the hope that her effectiveness against the Borg would be improved. For a time the results were promising, but after the destruction of several ships the Borg adapted easily, rendering them useless. The ship was subsequently nearly destroyed, and was saved only by the timely arrival of an Inc'Ranas war fleet. She was later salvaged and repaired. ("Realisation", "Final Approach", "Under Siege, part I", "Declaration")

Throughout 2386, the starship made regular patrols of the neighbouring sectors, on the lookout for Borg activity. In the closing months of the year she saw considerable action against them. Along with the starship Odysseus she engaged a modified cruiser piloted by Enriss Temaga, who was perfecting a technology for beaming ships across vast distances of space. ("Deployment") She was later present during the ambush of the approaching Borg fleet, and also participated in the battle to prevent the Hives entering the Inc'Radi system. ("Time's Up")

The Adelphi was crippled in the early stages of that battle, and was later destroyed making a kamikaze run into the lead Hive ship. ("Oblivion")

Background[edit | edit source]

The Adelphi was named after the city of Adelphi, Maryland

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