The USS Aegis (NCC-7575) was one of the handful of Prometheus-class starships defending the Federation in the immediate aftermath of the Dominion War. (Dark Territory)

As was standard with the Prometheus class, the Aegis boasted a multi-assault vector mode which allowed the ship to separate into three vessels, each with weapons platforms and capable of warp travel.

History[edit | edit source]

Launched in January 2376 under the command of Captain Terrence S. Glover, the Aegis performed admirably on patrol along the Cardassian border in the Lamenda system in February 2376, routing the True Way Cardassian insurgents in April 2376, and dealing a major blow to the Crimson Shadow, another nest of Cardassian insurgents, in the Crolsa system in May 2376.

Unfortunately, this was the ship's last mission. The Aegis was destroyed in a daring suicide attack by the desperate Gul Harika Sescal in orbit of the Bomos Mining Facility in the Crolsa system in May 2376. Seventy-five crewmen were killed in the vicious attack. At the time of its destruction, it was under the command of Commander Jeffrey Thorpe.

The ship's motto, "Deeds, Not Words" was chosen by Captain Glover to honor the United States 92nd Infantry Division, the famed Buffalo Soldier Division that fought with distinction in the Old Earth conflicts known as World War I and World War II for the American nation-state.

Command crew[edit | edit source]

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