The USS Alexandria (NCC-2547-A) was a Federation Sovereign-class starship in the 24th century, and the second starship to bear the name. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction))

Commission and launchEdit

The Alexandria-A was commissioned in 2381. She was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit above Earth. Captain Jermaine Allensworth assumed command shortly after the vessel's christening, only four months after the destruction of its predecessor. The majority of Allensworth's crew were reassigned to the Alexandria-A. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Catalyst of Sorrows")


Just after the marriage of Commander Zofchak and Commander Sato, the Alexandria-A encountered the ISS Repulse in orbit of the planet that holds the Guardian of Forever. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Held in the Hands of Forever")

It led a task force consisting of ten starships to ambush an anticipated appearance by the Terran Empire. The ship sustained heavy damage but came out victorious against the Empire's task force. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Through Their Eyes")

The Alexandria was ordered to Bajor to assist the USS Defiant in protecting Bajor from the Tzenkethi due to Bajor's entrance into the Federation. After the disappearance of Kyou and Ryou Zofchak, it returned to Earth to find them. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Sixty-two")

The ship encountered a ship from the future, the Enterprise-F, whose crew were on a mission to stop its destruction by Captain Braxton. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Ghosts of Tomorrow")

The ship was badly damaged in the final battle against the ISS Alexandria. The damage had knocked out the warp drive and was almost destroyed when the ISS Alexandria self destructed next to a subspace disruptor but due to Commander Sparhawk's sacrifice, he was able to bring the warp drive back online and get the ship to safety. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Where Mortals Are Forbidden")

Command crewEdit

Former officersEdit

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