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Design historyEdit

As Starfleet entered the latter half of the 24th century, it was recognized that a long range, high endurance starship would be needed to explore further from Federation space than ever before. To fill this role, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) developed several long range exploratory cruiser designs. The first of these was launched in the early 2360s as the USS Galaxy (NCC-70637). As the first of these new starships, Galaxy, Yamato and Enterprise-D, began space trials, a newer and more versatile starship was being designed on the drawing boards at Utopia Planitia Fleetyard, Mars. Combining the best features of the previous Excelsior, Ambassador and Galaxy classes along with a reconfigurable hull design, construction of the starships that would eventually be called the Arcturus-class began in 2366. (Star Trek: Arcturus)

Service summaryEdit

The first of the new starships was nearing completion at Utopia Planitia when the 23rd century starship USS Arcturus (NCC-1807) emerged from a time warp in 2367. Following the decision not to return the Arcturus crew to their original time-frame and instead retrain them at Starfleet Academy before resuming service in Starfleet, the first of the new starships was named Arcturus with the registry number "1807-A" in their honor. The new vessel was officially commissioned during a ceremony that also saw the decommissioning of the original Arcturus, and assigned to the command of Vice-Admiral Eric Johnson with all the original Arcturus crew who chose to remain in Starfleet, augmented by several hundred new crew-members.

Following Johnson's retirement from Starfleet in the mid-2370s, the Arcturus-A was turned over to the command of his former first officer, Solak of Vulcan, who continues to command the starship to this day.

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