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The USS Ascension (NCC-2520) was the lead ship and prototype of the Ascension-class dreadnoughts of the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. It was launched, along with four other Block I vessels of its class, in 2281. (Federation Reference Series 3; Ships of the Star Fleet)

Ascension's first commanding officer was Fleet Captain Dohijo, and under the flag of Vice Admiral L. Inman. It was initially homeported at Starbase 10. (Starship Design)

Ascension was deployed to the Starfleet's Seventh Fleet by the late 2280s.

Its commanding officer in mid-2287 was Captain Daniel Halloran, Jr. under the flag of Admiral Bryan Ackermann. Around this time, an encounter with a force-10 ion storm left Ascension damaged and temporarily out of action. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Operations Log — USS Avenger")

A training cadre for the new Ascension command staff was led by J. David Abrahamson in 2290. Abrahamson assumed command of the vessel later that year. (Star Trek: Avenger: Timeline, Stardate 12101.25 revision)

William Johnson briefly served aboard Ascension as a security attaché from 2290 to 2291. (Star Trek: Avenger)

From the mid-2290s to early in the 24th century, Ascension was commanded by James Pugliese. As of 2307, Pugliese held the rank of fleet captain.

The Ascension is one of the ships that attend a conference on the arboreal world code-named Yggdrasil in October of 2297. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Timeline)

Alternate continuities[]

Hobbyist's Guide to the UFP Starfleet[]

In this continuity, ten Ascension-class dreadnoughts were built, and all scrapped not long after the Khitomer Accords. (Hobbyist's Guide to the UFP Starfleet, Part 1b)

Fan organizations[]

USS Ascension club patch, 1990s

There were two distinct Starfleet International chapters named Ascension, one in Brooklyn, New York under Dan Halloran that fizzled out about 1987, and another under J. David Abrahamson beginning in 1990 (as a "shuttle", i.e., chapter-in-training) in Pennsylvania. The latter, whose last chapter president was Jim Pugliese, disbanded in the late 2010s.

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