The USS Asgard (NCC-72104) was a Galaxy-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th century.

The Asgard was constructed at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards, and commissioned in 2370. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

The Asgard was destroyed at the Battle of Rashanar during the Dominion War. During the battle, a Breen thermal weapon destroyed or damaged every sensitive system on the ship. In 2378, the Asgard was one of hundreds of derelicts in the "boneyard". Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commanders Data and Geordi La Forge went aboard to retrieve computer logs when they discovered an Androssi Salvage Post. (TNG novel: A Time to Be Born)

The Asgard was named for the realm of the gods in Norse mythology.

Star Trek: Pendragon[edit | edit source]

In the alternate Pendragon timeline, the Asgard participated in Operation Return in 2374, and after the end of the Federation Civil War, was assigned to patrol along the Breen border. She was eventually recalled to spacedock, where she was upgraded to the Galaxy (II)-class configuration. During this period, Sateth was assigned to the Asgard as a science officer.

In 2380, the Asgard was assigned to a five-year exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant, under the command of Captain Jack Hayes. Upon her return, she laid over at Pacifica, while Hayes attended the wedding of his friend Timothy Sinclair. (PDN: "The Captain's Table: Cloud of Witnesses")

Instead of returning to active duty, the Asgard remained in drydock, in preparation for upgrade to Olympus-class or Galaxy III-class configuration. (PDN: "Crosses & Crowns")

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