The USS Athena was a Federation Ares-class battlecruiser in service during the mid-23rd century. (Legacy: a Star Trek Fan Production, Air and Darkness: A Star Trek Fan Production)

In the film Legacy, Athena has the registry of NCC-1655 on the primary hull -- which would conflict with the USS T'Val in Star Trek: Axanar -- but NCC-1455 on a plaque on the bridge.

Ensign Allison Theelan reported for duty at her new assignment as Athena helm officer and had an important talk with her CO, Captain Pfeifer.

Athena received orders to rendezvous with the USS Chamberlain at Gamma Hydra for a support mission of another vessel. (Legacy) She was one of the three Federation starships that came to the aid of the USS Excalibur when she was attacked by Klingon vessels. (Air and Darkness)

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