The USS Atlantis was a Starfleet vessel operating in the 29th century, during the Temporal Cold War. It was somehow taken over by Agent Rave, who used it as a single crew-person to fight his own battles during the war-instances in this time-frame. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

Agent Rave used a Neural Command Interface to control the ship with his mind. Using this interface, he could work systems like warp, weapons and defenses with a single thought.

Intruder Alert[edit | edit source]

One element of defending the interior of the ship from enemy boardings, was the ability to launch energy currents from the walls. These tendrils of energy would easily incapacitate intruders.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

The ship was named after the lost city of Atlantis, from Ancient Greece's mythology.

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