USS Baldwin is a series of Star Trek short stories written by Richie Kennedy.

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The series revolves around the titular ship, the USS Baldwin, which was discovered adrift near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone by Patrick Ingrum, who subsequently assumes command of the ship during the Dominion War and its aftermath. The stories mainly involve the interactions between her captain and crew members, along with overtones of intelligence gathering, cartography, and technology.


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  • Captain Bernie Tyler: He was with his girlfriend, Roslyn, when their runabout was brought down by the Jem'Hadar on Aloran IV. They were picked up by Patrick shortly before stumbling upon Baldwin. He would subsequently serve as Ottawa's XO before being offered the Winchester.
  • Lieutenant Commander Roslyn Tyler: Formerly known as "Number Six." Sister to Bridget and sister-in-law to Patrick. She was with Patrick when they discovered Baldwin. After spending time away from Bernie, they realized how much she loved him, and eventually married him.
  • Lieutenant Commander Sonya Fiehrer: Longtime friend of Patrick and Jenna. She was with Patrick when they discovered Baldwin in orbit. Formerly a fighter pilot aboard the USS Hastings, and Operations officer aboard the USS Ottawa, Bernie chose her as his XO.


Season 1 (stardate 51xxx)Edit

Correlates to DS9 Season 6.
Episode Name Synopsis
1.01 1 "The Find" While packing his parents' belongings on a planet near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, Commander Patrick Ingrum discovers a lost ship in orbit.
1.02 2 "Wartime Productions" With the Dominion War well underway, ships are quickly pressed to service, and battles are lost. An unusual finding leads the USS Baldwin to investigate using her latest tools.
1.03 3 "The Return of Khan" The Dominion turns to the past and brings Khan into the 24th Century. He is sent to retrieve the founders on earth. Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum is tasked to keep an eye on him.
1.04 4 "Time's Eagle" The Dominion attempt to disrupt history by going back in time and plan an attack in the middle of a football game.
1.05 5 "Captain's View" Aboard the starship Nimitz, a young lieutenant takes command with the support of her peers.

Season 2 (stardate 52xxx)Edit

Correlates to DS9 Season 7.
Episode Name Synopsis
2.01 6 "Storm Front" Khan takes revenge on USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum by kidnapping one of his old friends
2.02 7 "Determined Warrior" Patrick Ingrum takes on additional responsibilities as he leads his squadron in the battle to retake Betazed.
2.03 8 "Danger Zone" Baldwin opens an enhanced astrometrics lab and discovers a potential Dominion ambush.
2.04 9 "Healing Link" On the way to a special meeting, the USS Neosho is attacked by the Jem'Hadar and is forced to crash land.
2.05 10 "Bullseye" After an ordinary day, Baldwin is targeted by the Dominion. The USS Ticonderoga protects Baldwin from enemy fire and supplies a talented navigator. Patrick also finds a full-time officer to run the "war room."
2.06 11 "Only the Young" With the USS Enterprise in the Briar Patch, the USS Ticonderoga is sent to fix her up. Meanwhile, Patrick takes Captain Picard's initial mission and walks into a trap
2.07 12 "Trouble in Paradise" The Baldwin receives reports from the badlands and has picked up a conversation which will change the face of the war.
2.08 13 Resolution The Baldwin stands by on Earth and assists in bringing the Dominion War to a close.
2.08 14 "Good Will" With the Dominion War over, the Baldwin is running supplies to and from Cardassia. Meanwhile, the USS Wildfire is sent on a special mission to Earth.
2.09 15 "Shadow Justice" Aboard Deep Space 9, an assassination attempt is made on Julian Bashir, and a secret organization tries to implicate an innocent starship captain.

Season 3 (stardate 53xxx)Edit

Correlates to Voyager Season 6.
Episode Name Synopsis
3.01 16 "Infinity" Section 31 makes another attempt at Julian Bashir. This time, Captain Patrick Ingrum attempts to stop them.
3.02 17 "Home" As a Starfleet legend passes on, another tries to understand the circumstance of coming back from the other side.
3.03 18 "Evolution" The USS Wasp encounters hostile ships, and the new JAG officer, Sara Jackson, is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, a troubled cadet is assigned to the Baldwin.
3.04 19 "Blue Clear Sky" As Captain Ingrum begins a relationship with Bridget, subspace weather interferes with their first date.
3.05 20 "Boats to Build" The Baldwin investigates the cause of a subspace disturbance. Meanwhile, Bridget has news for Patrick.
3.06 21 "Drift off to Dream" As the daughter of Dr. Murrow gets married, the father has an epiphany.
3.07 22 "Ronax" A Romulan warbird is mysteriously destroyed on its way to Cardassia.
3.08 23 "Departure" Khan Noonien Singh goes after a Dominion Built Battleship. When Captain Patrick Ingrum is kidnapped in plain sight, Dr. Murrow shows his intentions.
3.09 24 "Frontiers" Patrick attends a special conference. Meanwhile, the newest member of the Baldwin family is about to arrive.

Season 4 (stardate 54xxx)Edit

Correlates to Voyager Season 7.
Episode Name Synopsis
4.01 25 "Escape" The Baldwin crew relax as they meet the new baby.
4.02 26 "Backdoor" A computer virus has been found that could potentially cripple the fleet.
4.03 27 "Reaction to Action, Part 1" Roslyn tracks down the source of the recent computer virus.
4.04 28 "Reaction to Action, Part 2" The USS Ottawa tracks down the stolen Abilene.
4.05 29 "Against the Wind" The USS Baldwin is swept into a warp current and discovers an old Earth ship holding her own.
4.06 30 "Like the Rain" USS Ottawa captain Jenna Carson uses a survey mission to spend some time with her friends. Meanwhile, XO Bernie Tyler reunites with his old flame.
4.07 31 "Slow Burn" Bernie and Roslyn are given leave and spend it on Aloran IV. Meanwhile, Patrick discovers that his old turf is of value to criminals.
4.08 32 "Wild Roses" When the USS Baldwin discovers a fighter adrift in Cardassian space, Patrick and Bridget recall their past.
4.09 33 "That Kind of Day" The USS Winchester has a bad day when they are boarded.
4.10 34 "Mother and Child" The USS Baldwin escorts a hospital ship on a mission to stop a flu outbreak, and stumble upon a secret the Orion Syndicate doesn't want them to know about.

Season 5 (stardate 55xxx)Edit

Episode Name Synopsis
5.01 35 "Family Affair" Captain Patrick Ingrum uses his personal resources to track down the crime ring that kidnapped Joshua.
5.02 36 "Invisible Touch" Adversaries unite to kidnap Patrick.
5.03 37 "Bad Wolf" A legislator from a Federation colony requests asylum aboard Baldwin.
5.04 38 "White Noise" A Federation colony is having problems connecting with the rest of the Federation.
5.05 39 "Time Fall" Roslyn Tyler suddenly finds herself in Earth's past.
5.06 40 "Blackbird" As Jaimie prepares to have her second child, the Baldwin crew pursue a new prototype warbug.
5.07 41 "Two of Us" Returning to their ships after a debrief at Starfleet Command, Patrick and Jenna engage in an extended conversation which reveals a connection between the Baldwin and the Ingrum family. Baldwin's acting captain runs into trouble responding to Patrick and Jenna when they get stranded.

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The stories were first written in 1997. As of November 2018, 41 stories have been written.

The stories have been re-written several times, most recently in May 2009.

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