Star Trek Expanded Universe

The USS Beltane (NCC-72611) was a Nova-class Federation starship. (Star Trek: Abandoned)


  • Captain Enriss Temaga - ship's captain
  • Commander Vhalnir Cad'en - first officer
  • Lieutenant Will Gates - chief of security
  • Ensign Hanar D'Jan
  • Crewman Kira Rhiohr

Inc'Radi mission[]

In 2384 the Beltane was dispatched to a remote area of the Beta Quadrant by the Federation archaeological Commission, tasked with finding and investigating the so-called "Motherworld" described in many myths and legends of the region.

On stardate 62084, the starship was in orbit of an uninhabited desert planet when the science teams discovered a stone tablet within an extensive series of impressive ruins. Deciphering its contents, including a set of coordinates, she set course for the suspected location of the Motherworld. Arriving on stardate 62193.2, the crew discovered the mythic planet and set up a base in the only intact settlement they found.

Unfortunately, their arrival was anticipated, and the Borg fired upon the starship as she investigated the planet's rings. After being dragged through a transwarp conduit, the Beltane was captured by a Borg Hive vessel, and her crew assimilated. A rescue party led by Doctor Nathan Carson managed to destroy the Hive, but at the cost of the ship itself. ("Lost and Found")