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The USS Bismarck (NCC-3225-A) is one of seven ships of her type. The Bismarck and her sister ships were a line of Constitution-class vessels. Halfway through construction, Starfleet decided to make her a dreadnought. The exterior hull is the same as the Constitution, but the interior and third warp engine were the only changes made. (Star Trek: Eagle)

Banner's Time onboardEdit

Banner on bismarck bridge

Banner steps onto the bridge for the fist time.

In 2266, the ship was commanded by Commodore Shrelic, his first officer Zach Banner, it's security chief Anten, and the ship's chief engineer Ivan Kofloski. Banner first set came aboard the Bismarck after he met Shrelic him at space station K-11.


Captured Bismarck

The Bismarck in the Orion Station

When the Bismarck was on a survey mission it came into contact with the lost federation ship the USS Marengo. Unknown to the Bismarck’s crew the ship was taken over my Orion pirates and attack them. The Bismarck chased the ship into a nearby nebula were the ship was ambushed by more Orion ships and taken captive. The ship was brought to the Orion space station in the middle of the nebula. The ship was held captive by the pirates until the USS Intrepid and several other Starfleet vessels were able to fined and save it.
Bismarck chase
Shortly after the Romulan attack of 2266 that was stopped by James T. Kirk the Bismarck was sent to escort construction ships to reinforce the neutral zone with new defense stations. During which they received a distress call from a damaged Romulan bird of prey escorting a ship of civilians. The Bismarck took the refugees aboard and took them back to Romulus after they fought two battles with the tharcel, an alien race that the Romulan empire was engaged in fighting with.
Bismarck found 2

The Bismarck found by the ship's last first officer Zach Banner on the USS Eagle

In 2270, the ship beamed aboard a strange alien computer of unknown origins. Unknown at the time the computer was possessed by the mysterious being known as Redjac who used the alien technology as his host. The computer hijacked the ship’s systems causing a radiation leak forcing the crew to abandon her. After the computer was destroyed by Captain Zach Banner, the ship was brought back to a Federation starbase. Sadly, the ship was decommissioned shortly there after.

The ship’s name was succeeded by the Bismarck-B.

Command crew (2266-2269)Edit

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