The USS Black Hawk NCC-75004 dedication plaque as it appears in the fan fic Star Trek: Black Hawk

The USS Black Hawk (NCC-75004) is a Sovereign Class Starship assigned as the flagship to Admiral Jeff Higdon, Starbase Commander, Starbase Rockford, on the Cha'ouw/Federation border. Formerly the USS Britannica, the name was changed by Starfleet Operations to Black Hawk when the Admiral's former command, the USS Black Hawk (74683) was recalled because of a mistake in her NCC number.

Linage of name Black Hawk

The Black Hawk is the ninth (9th) vessel (both sea and space vessels) dating back to the US Naval Tinclad Gunboat USS Black Hawk, (1862-1865) that served as the flagship of the Mississippi River Flotilla during the US Civil War, destroyed by fire in 1865; the cargo ship USS Black Hawk, originally the Rheatnia and renamed the Black Arrow; the US Navy Destroyer Tender USS Black Hawk (AD-9), commissioned in 1918, once flagship of the US Atlantic Destroyer Fleet and winner of one (1) battle star during the Earth's World War II (which gives double duty to the command star on the wing of the 'black hawk' on the starship's logo), decommissioned in 1946; the US Navy Osprey (Minehunter Coastal) Class Vessel USS Black Hawk (MHC-58), commissioned in 1996 and decommissioned somewhere around 2155, saw action in the First and Second Iraq Wars as well as the War on Terrorism and World War III, retired with distinction; the Earth Starfleet starship SS Black Hawk (NCC-158), Daedalus Class, commissioned in 2150 and decommissioned in 2190, saw action in the Earth-Romulan War and was transferred to the Federation Starfleet as the USS Black Hawk; the Baton Rouge Class Starship USS Black Hawk (NCC-1058), launched in 2229 and served in it's later life as a test platform for improvements for the future Constitution II refits, decommissioned in 2275; the Miranda Class Starship USS Black Hawk (NCC-1848) which was lost on her first mission and not heard from again in the 2288; the Cheyenne Class Starship USS Black Hawk (NCC-50495), commissioned in 2348, served a very long and distinguished career before her destruction during the Dominion War in 2373; and the Intrepid Class USS Black Hawk (mentioned above).

The above Dedication Plaque is one of the only starship dedication plaques that does not list the usual names and construction personnel (except for early Constitution Class Starships). Also it does not list the Miranda Class USS Black Hawk because of a clerical error. There are actually nine (9) vessels of that name. That plaque is later replaced with a standard dedication plaque after a major refit.

Cloaking Device

The Black Hawk is equipped with the new Type X phase cloak, allowed when the Cha'ouw government negotiated an special amendment to the Treaty of Algeron with the Romulan Empire during the Dominion War to "allow any starship, vessel or space craft listed under the operational command of Khon of the Special Cha'ouwian Imperial House K'HIg'Den, to be equipped with cloaking device/devices supplied by the Cha'ouw". The Type X is secretly a joint Federation/Cha'ouw operation after Cha'ouw operatives "acquired" covertly before the phased cloak was revealed to the Romulans by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) (TNG: "The Pegasus").

Marine Strike Group

The 263rd Marine Strike Group ("The Hawk's Talons") were embarked on Black Hawk beginning in 2378.

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