The USS Black Prince was a Federation Starfleet Hephaestus-class escort active in the early 25th century. (The War of the Masters)

History[edit | edit source]

The Black Prince, often nicknamed "the Prince" by her crew, bore a legacy name going back to several British Royal Navy ships named HMS Black Prince, one which originally referred to Edward, the Black Prince of England.

Captain Tyria Sark took command of the Prince in 2411. ("The Silence Ends")

In 2412 the Prince was assigned to Operation Peacekeeper under Rear Admiral David Huntington and reported to the fleet's position in orbit of Moab III on 10 August. The Prince was to be paired with the USS Nighthawk but the older Sovereign-class had been laid-up in the yard with technical difficulties since 1 August. Sark and crew were assigned to the operation's Observer Group. (The Sign at the Crossroads, "The Silence Ends")

Crew[edit | edit source]

Senior staff[edit | edit source]

Commanding officer
Captain Tyria Sark (2411- )
First officer
Commander S'ulluru (2411- )
Chief engineer
Lieutenant Commander Jasmine Velasquez (2411- )
Conn officer
Lieutenant (JG) Gilad Ronson (2411- )
Chief of security
Lieutenant Riella Thrace (2412)
Science officer and communications officer
Lieutenant (JG) Azira Shelon (2411- )
Chief medical officer
Commander Dr. Irim Valder (2411- )
Chief of the boat
Command Chief Petty Officer Brian Filipek (2411- )
Shipboard AI
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