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Lieutenants Qual, MacArthur and P'Ree

USS Bonaventure NCC-1745 is a creative writing group (also known as a PBEM: Play by EMail) simulation set in the "Classic Movie Era" of Star Trek, and closely follows the events that take place in the last decade of the 23rd century, according to canon popularized by the films Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek Generations.

While not the very first PbEM set in this particular era, Bonaventure has e

mployed many "sim innovations" such as use of video promotional trailers. Unusually for sims of this genre, characters featured in the Star Trek TV series and films have made their way into the common storyline, such as Dr. Leonard McCoy and Harry Mudd.

Season 1 "Recertification" Promo

They have also expanded on the legacy of ships with the name Bonaventure, by suggesting the heritage that stemmed from Zefram Cochrane's first extra-solar warp excursion, something that was glossed over by later canon with the advent of Star Trek: First Contact.

Making its first written appearance outside of the "Ships Of The Line" calendars was the USS Bonaventure (NCC-1000) commanded by Captain Edward Featherstone. A story featuring the Elysian Council and the Delta Triangle from Star Trek: The Animated Series attempted to satisfy a long-held continuity gap left open by various unsatisfied canon and non-canon story suggestions.

Beginning in the third season, the Excelsior-class Bonaventure "B" was launched, replacing the older refit Constitution-class vessel. During the fourth season, the continuity was re-imagined, and the group resumed the use of their original ship, the Constitution class (refit) USS Bonaventure NCC-1745

As of Fall 2011, the Bonaventure had been part of Independence Fleet with the ship experiencing a season in retroactive continuity during the 2260's, some 30 years before the adventures of her crew under Captain VanHorne. As of April 2012, the Bonaventure began her 6th returning to her status as an independent ship operating at the very beginning of the 24th century. The Independence Fleet version of the ship still operates in the TOS continuity of the 2260's, though this is not considered the "official" Bonaventure of the classic era.

(Left to right) Lt (Jg) Kimmie Palmer, Tractor Beam Technician Willie Thornbrue, and Captain VanHorne

"The Shape Of Things To Come" would see the Bonaventure bridge the gap to the 24th century and encounter the Borg of System J-25, some several decades before the Enterprise-D in the episode "Q, Who?". Badly damaged after confronting the Borg much earlier in history than intended, the Bonaventure would return home with paradoxical knowledge not only of the Borg, but of 24th century technologies and events, thus recreating and fracturing their own timeline, which now diverges greatly from the established 24th century canon.


STAR TREK Bonaventure "The Shape Of Things To Come" Finale Trailer

"The Shape Of Things To Come" Trailer

In their 2012 Season adventure "The Changing Of The Guard" , the Bonaventure is a relic, with her original crew trying to survive against a re-emerging Optimum Movement , a distorted precursor of the defunct Starfleet Marines.

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