USS Bozeman (NCC-1941) was a Soyuz-class Federation starship in service in the 23rd century. By 2272, Bozeman was commanded by Captain Morgan Bateson.

In 2278, Hikaru Sulu was offered a post as first officer on Bozeman but declined after learning of the existence of his daughter Demora, then seven years old. (TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter) Gabe Bush became the XO. (TNG novel: Ship of the Line)

Watching the Clock states that Lieutenant Parvana Whitcomb was acting first officer in 2278 after Sulu turned down the billet. Lieutenant Lloyd Boen was science officer, and Ensign Shelithan ch'Riin a tactical officer.

Dothan, a Bolian, was a tactical officer on the Bozeman who transferred to the Oberth-class scout USS Gagarin in 2278. (TOS novel: In the Name of Honor)

Dothan was a lieutenant commander on Gagarin but it is not known if he already had the rank before his transfer.

Weeks later, while exploring the Typhon Expanse, Bozeman disappeared. The vessel's fate was finally uncovered in 2368 when the USS Enterprise-D also in the Typhon Expanse was caught in a temporal causality loop involving the Bozeman. After breaking the loop the Bozeman returned to Starfleet service. (TNG: "Cause and Effect") Lieutenant Commander Claudia Alisov was the chief engineer. (DTI novel: Forgotten History) Another of the engineering officers aboard, at the time of its "transition" to the 24th century, was Rafael Villaréal. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence") Two Bozeman science officers, Deborah Sexton and Nick Sexton, were the parents of a USS Avenger chief security officer, Ron Sexton. (Star Trek: Avenger)

Bozeman was part of the Starfleet task force that intercepted the Borg in the Typhon sector in 2373. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2376, Bozeman participated in the Battle of Sol against the Vendoth. (Star Trek: Unity: "United We Stand - Together")


Bozeman was named after the Earth municipality, Bozeman, Montana, whence the first warp-driven spacecraft, Phoenix, was launched in 2063. (Star Trek: First Contact) As well, years later, the Warp Five Complex was built outside Bozeman. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

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