The USS Britannic (NCC-71818) was an Galaxy (II)-class large exploration cruiser on active duty in Starfleet during at least the last quarter of the 24th century. (Starfleet International: USS Britannic)

The keel for Britannic was laid at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2382. She was commissioned on 17 February 2384. (USS Britannic Chronology) Her first commanding officer was then-Captain Wayne Augustson and her first executive officer was Commander Brett Wuest.

Britannic was deployed to the Starfleet Seventh Fleet for much of her operational lifetime.

Marine Strike Group[edit | edit source]

The 707th Marine Strike Group, known as the "Shooting Stars", were embarked on Britannic beginning 26 September 2384.

Background information[edit | edit source]

Britannic was the name of a Starfleet International chapter based in Lake Grove, New York. (Starfleet International: Vessel Registry, 0801.07 revision)

At some point, the chapter changed its fictional metaphor from a Galaxy-class explorer to an Andromeda-class ship. The club was still extant in early 2021.

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