USS Briza (NCC-2515) was a Belknap-class strike cruiser on active duty in Starfleet in the 23rd century. (Starship Design; Ships of the Star Fleet)

Originally named Belknap, NCC-2515 was renamed Briza on 23 November 2270, with the name Belknap being subsequently allocatted to NCC-2501.[1]

A Mk III Belknap variant, The USS Briza was laid down at the Cosmodyne Corporation's Boston Shipyards on April 29, 2281, launched on March 20, 2282,[2] and commissioned in October, 2287.[N 1]

Home ported at Starbase 15, the USS Briza departed on an exploration mission on 15 May 2287, returning five weeks early on 26 August 2289. Following operational stand down and crew leave during September and October, for data downloading and system rejuvenation, the USS Briza departed on 29 October, before participating in FleetEx 223-5 from 12 November to 2 January 2290.[1]

She was in dock at Starbase 29 in November, 2293. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Crash")

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  1. The FASA Tactical Starship Combat entry for the Belknap class lists the Briza's commissioning date as October 02, 2282.

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