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The USS Chicago (NCC-75011) was a Sovereign-class heavy cruiser in service during at least the 2380s.

Many of Chicago's senior staff trained aboard USS Bortas.

USS Chicago mission patch.

In 2384, Chicago — whose commanding officer was Captain Jay Hurd and whose executive officer was Commander Stephen Whyat — was deployed to the Starfleet Twelfth Fleet. Captain Hurd, formerly Gul Ja’Hurd of the Cardassian Union, defected to the Federation out of growing disagreement with the Union’s policies. Tyronian, a Bajoran, volunteered to serve as Ja’hurd’s XO, not so much to for the position, rather, to keep an eye on the Cardassian. Ja’Hurd’s wife, Amaree, was assigned to serve as the ship’s Intelligence Officer. Rumors persist that Ja’hurd and Amaree both may be cover identities themselves, and that Ja’hurd could infact be Malkavius Marcet, an eccentric Gul of the fabled Ajem’Dasis, an order of knights in the Cardassian Union that are believed to be extinct. Ja’hurd has, for the most part, dismissed these rumors as idle suspicions of those who have yet to heal from the wounds of the Dominion War.

Chicago was briefly on temporary assigned duty (TAD) to the Starfleet Eleventh Fleet under the command of Commander Jayden Tyronian, while Capt. Hurd took an extended leave of absence.

Captain Hurd, as of late 2384, resumed command of Chicago. Cmdr. Tyronian was then transferred to 10th Fleet’s USS Atlantis. In mid-2385, Cmdr. Otilio Puente was eventually assigned as executive officer of the ship, relieving the second of two temporary XOs.

In early to mid-2385, the USS Chicago took part in a fleet exercise that pitted ships of the 12th Fleet against each other, acting out a scenario involving the invasion of Terran Imperial Naval Forces. Starfleet Intelligence, in their part of the exercise, instructed Capt. Hurd to reveal that he and much of his senior staff was Cardassian, a fact that was actually true at least for the commanding officer and the ship’s Chief Intelligence Officer. The Starfleet Intelligence scenario called for “Gul Ja’hurd” to “steal” the USS Chicago and go rouge. Gul Ja’hurd then employed a sleeper agent aboard the USS Bortas to send back data on 12th Fleet plans and strategies.

The scenario eventually ended in an undeclared draw when other more pressing matters arose. No clear winner was ever declared in the scenario.

Background[edit | edit source]

The USS Chicago (NCC-75011) was a chapter of Starfleet International.

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