The USS Columbia (NCC-621) was a Hermes-class scout in service in the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

In the 2260s, Columbia was commanded by Captain John Halifax. Commander Theresa Dodge was the executive officer. (Star Trek: Columbia: "Things in Heaven and Earth.")

Columbia's commanding officer from 2272-80 was Commander Marc Haber. (Orion Press: Klingons!)

In the 2270s, Columbia was ordered to rendezvous with the USS Revere on Stardate 7411.4. The orders were relayed through the Epsilon Nine station. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

From 2285-2286, Command of the Columbia was given to Captain Edward Stanfield, as his first command, before he's transferred to the USS Saratoga. (Star Trek: Valkyrie)

Columbia's commanding officer from ca. stardate 8794 to at least ca. 9553.5 was Captain Wayne Bertsch. (Star Trek: Columbia: "Jewels of Sound", "Troll Bridge") At some point, the operations officer, Gregory Sheets, succeeded Bertsch as CO and was such in 2294. (Star Trek: Columbia: "Future Shock", parts 1 and 2)

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Columbia was a Cygnus-subclass vessel commissioned in the late 2260s.

It was uprated along with the rest of its class to an improved "scout frigate" design in 2292. Columbia was commanded by Captain Wayne Bertsch in 2292-94, who was in turn succeeded by Commander (later Captain) Gregory Sheets until being lost in a temporal anomaly later that year.

Columbia found herself in the Gamma Quadrant in 2371 and was decommissioned and laid up in ordinary; during the Dominion War, the Columbia was hastily refitted as part of the wartime "Frankenstein fleet" and equipped with a pair of warp nacelles in place of its earlier one nacelle. The name Columbia having been assigned to a newer vessel, the ex-Columbia was renamed USS Surprise (retaining its original registry number) and employed as a courier vessel. Following the war, Surprise was decommissioned once more and sold out of the service. (Starfleet International)

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