The USS Constitution (NCC-1700-B) was an explorer starship of the Galaxy-class built by the Federation Starfleet. (Trekmania)

The Constitution, under command of Jules van Osterlich, was one of two Federation starships in 2364 to respond to reports of a deadly prion-based infection (which was years later found to be engineered by Thallonian General Gerrid Thul). (TNG novel: Infection)

In 2370, the Constitution and the USS Odyssey met with the USS Enterprise-D, after a Vulcan science vessel reported that the Enterprise was taken over by alien entities. The Constitution was under the command of Captain Tiyo Soya. (TNG novel: Possession).

A year later, under the command of Captain Celia Hudson, the Constitution was sent to settle a trade dispute between Sherman's Planet and Forcas II when it detected a sudden burst of cronoton energy that also incapacitated the ship's counsellor, Bimitri Cassaria. Investigating the source they discovered Kate Sheridan unconscious in a drifting shuttlecraft. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Messages From Home")

This ship's registry was not in any of its novel appearances, but was derived by the fan fiction reference Trekmania.

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