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The USS Defiant (NCC-1764) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser of the Achernar-subclass in operation during the 23rd century. Believed lost in 2268 as the result of an encounter with Tholians, the Defiant was actually transported into the mirror universe and captured by the Terran Empire. (TOS: "The Tholian Web", ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")


Defiant was assigned to patrol Sector 006 during the Federation-Klingon War. (DIS: "Despite Yourself")

Notable crew members[]

Command Division[]

Helm and Navigation Departments[]

Science Division[]

Medical Division[]

Engineering Division[]

Communications Department[]

  • Ensign Ravishankar Sabapathy, communications officer, 2267-2268 (The First Peer, What Judgements Come)

Security Department[]

  • Lieutenant Commander Trethishavu th'Vlene, chief of security, 2268 (What Judgements Come)

Notable Mirror Universe crew members[]

USS Defiant command insignia


Original footage of the Defiant

Defiant's registry first revealed

Remastered footage of the Defiant

No official registry was established for the Defiant during the initial run of the Star Trek television series. During the original episode "The Tholian Web", the vessel was seen from a distance which established her as a starship, a term used throughout the series to describe the USS Enterprise and other vessels of a similar configuration, later known as the Constitution class.

Oddly, Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual did not list the Defiant. The closest entry was for the USS Defiance with the registry NCC-1717.[N 1] Some believe this to be an omission or a typographical error that was never caught. Additionally, the Technical Manual lists the registry NCC-1764 as belonging to the USS Galina.

More recent and official sources, including the Star Trek web site and Michael Okuda’s Star Trek Encyclopedia and Star Trek Chronology do list the ship as a Constitution-class vessel with the registry NCC-1764. This registry was assigned by Greg Jein, a model-maker who worked with Okuda on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the later incarnations of the Trek franchise.

The first canon appearance of the Defiant which clearly showed her registry was in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise during the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly".

It should also be noted that since the beginning of "Star Trek: Remastered", a project produced by CBS/Paramount to bring TOS into the 21st century with hi-definition quality video, sound and new, computer-generated special effects (CGI), the Jein registries have been consistently used when any other Constitution-class ship has been seen. As such, during the remastered version of "The Tholian Web" the Defiant's registry is clearly visible as 1764, giving further credence to the Jein list as "official" or "canon", while simultaneously dismissing registries listed by Joseph.

Alternative continuities[]

Delta Dynamics[]

Victory subclass

The USS Defiant (NCC-1764) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser—of the Victory subclass—in Starfleet service during the mid- to late-23rd century. In 2268, she went missing into an interdimensional rift in the direction of Tholian space. (Star Fleet Starship Recognition Manual: Report #298: Constitution Heavy Cruiser)


  1. In Ships of the Star Fleet, vol. 1 [revised], this registry is assigned to a Constitution (Bonhomme Richard) class ship named Defiant.

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