The USS Defiant (NCC-75633) was originally the USS São Paulo, a Defiant-class escort. The São Paulo (NCC-75633) was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in late 2375 and was sent to Deep Space 9 to replace the USS Defiant, which was destroyed during the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Captain Benjamin Sisko received authorization to re-christen the vessel. The new Defiant took part in the Battle of Cardassia, which ended the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Dogs of War", "What You Leave Behind")

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Star Trek: Unity (crossover)Edit

In 2376, the Defiant, under the command of Commander Elias Vaughn, participated in the defense of Earth from the Vendoth during the Battle of Sol. ("United We Stand - Together")

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In 2376, the Defiant's cloak was stolen by crew members of the USS Aegis. (Dark Territory: "Valley of Peace")

Later that year, the ship evacuated the Federation embassy on Alshain Proper. (Dark Territory: "Fall Out")

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In 2376, the Defiant was dispatched to Cardassia Prime under cloak to deliver urgently needed supplies after the True Way took the crew of the USS Lambda Paz hostage and demanded that the Federation convoys cease. Teams from the Defiant were later able to rescue the hostages and prevent the assassination of Castellan Alon Ghemor. ("The True Way")

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  • Commander Elias Vaughn: Commanding officer
  • Lieutenant Ezri Dax: First officer, Operations manager
  • Lieutenant Aiman al-Rashid: Chief engineer
  • Lieutenant Raul Fitzpatrick: Chief of security, Tactical officer
  • Doctor Julian Bashir: Chief medical officer
  • Ensign Prynn Tenmei: Flight controller

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