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The USS Deimos (NCC-2787) was a Phobos-class torpedo cruiser on duty in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. (Starship Deimos)

A Loknar-class frigate in FASA RPG: Federation Ship Recognition Manual, vol. 1, with the registry NCC-2787 is the USS Luna. One might posit that the Luna was renamed Deimos at some point.

Deimos 's remit was to serve as a border patrol ship in the outreaches of Federation space near the Romulan, Orion, and Tholian borders. Their patrol sector -- Quadrant 9, Sector 72 -- was known as "The Back Forty-ish," and 43 Federation colonies were located here. They were mostly agrarian, but with some medical and scientific outposts. The ship's command base was Starbase 211.

Deimos was one of four starships that rescued the survivors of the Potemkin, after it was destroyed during an engagement with Romulan forces in 2299. (Project Potemkin: "Destinies") A few of the surviving officers and crew from Potemkin would later transfer to the Deimos.

In 2304, Deimos was one of the ships based at Starbase 211 that wished the USS Webster well on its maiden voyage. ("Launch")

Deimos Officers and Crew[]



  • Lieutenant Xander Williams - tactical officer ("Pas de Trois", "Aftermath", "The Archive", "No Greater Love...", "Shattered Sky", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Diplomatic Relations")
  • Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander) Timothy Harper - tactical officer ("Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Diplomatic Relations", "The Deimos Factor", "Children of Eberus", "Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect", Disharmony, "Faithful Unto Death"; Starship Pudnutter)
  • Lieutenant Bevin - tactical officer ("The Solomon Gamble")
  • Lieutenant André Calhoun - tactical officer ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Ensign Hudson - tactical officer ("Blood Crystals")
  • Grimsley - tactical officer ("Blood Crystals")

Helm and Navigation[]

  • Ensign (later Lieutenant) Mystique Griffin - navigator and helm officer ("Pas de Trois", "Aftermath", "The Archive", "No Greater Love...", "Shattered Sky", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Diplomatic Relations")
  • Ensign Lumeria Katar - navigator ("The Deimos Factor", "The Solomon Gamble", "Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect")
  • Kassim - navigator ("Aftermath", "Pas de Trois", "The Archive")
  • Lieutenant Alissa Anaya - navigation officer ("Shattered Sky", "Children of Eberus")
  • Ensign Chase Saunders - helm officer ("The Deimos Factor")
  • Cadet Watson - helm specialist ("Butterfly Effect")
  • Lieutenant Havam - shuttle pilot ("Prodigal Daughter")
  • Lieutenant Daken - helm officer ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Lieutenant Tathaan - navigator ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")


  • Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander) Tichar "Yazhi" Duras - chief science officer ("Pas de Trois", "The Lucky One", "Aftermath", "The Archive", "No Greater Love...", "Prodigal Daughter", "Shattered Sky")
  • Lieutenant Linda Robinson - chief science officer ("The Deimos Factor", "Diplomatic Relations", "Children of Eberus", "The Solomon Gamble", "Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect")
  • Lieutenant Commander Phil Duffy - exobiologist ("Blood Crystals"), later chief science officer ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")


  • Commander Sian Gabriel - chief engineer ("Pas de Trois", "The Lucky One", "Aftermath", "The Archive" "No Greater Love...", "Shattered Sky", The Deimos Factor)
  • Lieutenant Commander Timothy Harper - chief engineer ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Lieutenant Ana Zikara - assistant chief engineer ("Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Kader - transporter chief/bridge engineering liaison
  • Lieutenant Leona McPherson - bridge engineering liaison ("The Deimos Factor", "The Solomon Gamble")
  • Sylyna - bridge engineering liaison ("Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect")
  • Lieutenant Chip Mullens - engineer (Disharmony, "Faithful Unto Death"; Starship Pudnutter)


  • Lieutenant Commander James Faron - chief of communications ("Pas de Trois", "The Lucky One", "Aftermath", "The Archive", "No Greater Love...", "Shattered Sky", "The Deimos Factor", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Diplomatic Relations", "Butterfly Effect", "Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Sullis - communications officer ("The Solomon Gamble", "Blood Crystals")


  • Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander, then Commander) Erik Drogo - chief of security ("Pas de Trois", "The Lucky One", "Aftermath", "The Archive", "No Greater Love...", "Shattered Sky", "The Deimos Factor", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Diplomatic Relations", "The Solomon Gamble", "Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect"; Starship Triton: "The Crown Jewels of Xantharus")
  • Shiver - security officer ("The Lucky One")


  • Commander Maura Drake, M.D. - chief medical officer ("Pas de Trois", "The Lucky One", "No Greater Love...", "Prodigal Daughter", "Shattered Sky", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Blood Crystals", "Butterfly Effect", "Leviathan", "Together in the Night")
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Lane Higgins - nurse ("The Lucky One")
  • Landry - nurse ("No Greater Love...")
  • Lieutenant Paul Burke, M.D. - assistant chief medical officer ("Prodigal Daughter", "Where They Have Gone, We Follow", "Children of Eberus", "The Solomon Gamble", "Blood Crystals")

Support Services[]

  • Travers - yeoman ("Butterfly Effect")

Embarked craft[]

Among its other embarked vessels, Deimos had a smaller version of a shuttlecraft that they called a shuttlecoupe. ("Disharmony", "Faithful Unto Death") It was named the Ernest J. King, after the commander-in-chief of U.S. forces and Chief of Naval Operations during World War II.

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