For the mirror universe counterpart, see ISS Dominion (NCC-2115).

USS Dominion (NCC-2115) was a Federation-class dreadnought in active Starfleet service during the late 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

In the late 2260s, Dominion was under the command of Commodore Samuel Grissom. He was later succeeded by Captain Jason Brousseau. (Dreadnought Dominion)

In the early to mid-2280s, Dominion was the flagship of a patrol group that included USS Samson. (Orion Press: "Captain's Bars")

Dominion was destroyed in 2285 during Starfleet's first encounter with the Kelvan invasion armada. (Orion Press: In Harm's Way)

Dominion personnel[edit | edit source]

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