The USS Edmund Fitzgerald (NCC-75000) was a Sovereign-class Federation starship in service during the late 24th century. The Fitzgerald is named in honor of an ore freighter that sank in bad weather on Lake Superior in the late 20th Century, which inspired the song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. (USS Baldwin: "Wartime Productions")

History[edit | edit source]

Captain Robert DeSoto of the USS Hood was given command of the Fitzgerald while Hood was repaired and re-assigned to former XO James Traficant. Commander Kelly Petrelli also transferred from the Hood to become DeSoto's new XO. As one of the newest and well-armed ships, the Fitzgerald became the lead ship of the Starfleet Fifth Fleet, with DeSoto as the fleet's field commander. (USS Baldwin: "Wartime Productions")

In May of 2375, on stardate 52086, the majority of the Fifth Fleet, presumably led by the Fitzgerald, engaged Dominion Forces while the 10th wing, led by Captain Patrick Ingrum, undertook a mission to retake Betazed. (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior") Shortly thereafter, Fitzgerald lead an engagement against Dominion forces near the Ludine Nebula. (USS Baldwin: "Danger Zone")

On stardate 52241.3, Fitzgerald led a wing of ships into a battle with Dominion forces. DeSoto called for backup from the 10th Wing, led by the Captain Ingrum and the USS Baldwin (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye")

In late 2375, DeSoto relayed to captain Ingrum instructions to have him send USS Ticonderoga to the Briar Patch with a set of diplomatic envoy to begin relations with the Ba'ku, and an engineering crew for field installation of a warp core for the USS Enterprise-E (USS Baldwin: "Only the Young")

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Background[edit | edit source]

The dedication plaque designed by USS Baldwin author Richie Kennedy uses the quote "Carefree Highway, let me slip away on you" from the song Carefree Highway by Gordon Lightfoot

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