The USS Einstein was a Federation starship in service during the early 23rd century, and possibly earlier. Designated either a survey vessel, scout, or destroyer, she was the first ship of her class. She was named for 20th century Earth scientist Albert Einstein. (Federation: The First 150 Years, Star Trek, Star Trek: Accord, et. al)

According to one account, the Einstein was launched by 2196, her class intended to serve as replacements for the Daedalus-class which was decommissioned that year, and she and her sister ships continued to serve Starfleet in a variety of roles for more than thirty years. She was soon followed by the USS Gates, the USS Kelvin and several more vessels. (Federation: The First 150 Years)

The existence of this vessel is inferred from information presented about the Einstein class from multiple sources. As yet, little to no details have been firmly established about the vessel herself.
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