The USS El Dorado (NCC-1722) was a Constitution-class, Bonhomme Richard-subclass starship in Starfleet service in the second half of the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual; The Starfleet Museum)

USS El Dorado, USS Excalibur, and USS Lexington were assigned to the 378th Cruiser Squadron in 2283 during the Klingon Empire's Taal Tan Offensive. They engaged a battle fleet of nine Klingon vessels. Excalibur and El Dorado sustained damages in the attack, but the Klingons were beaten back across the border. (The Taal Tan Offensive)

Fleet Captain Gerry Anderson was El Dorado's commanding officer sometime prior to 2292. (Dockyard Review)

A Prime Team called the "Golden Jaguars" was assigned to El Dorado. (Task Force Games: UFP: The Federation Sourcebook for Prime Directive)

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