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The USS El Dorado (NCC-1722) was a Constitution-class, Bonhomme Richard-subclass starship in Starfleet service in the second half of the 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual; The Starfleet Museum)

Licensed sources[]

A Prime Team called the "Golden Jaguars" was assigned to El Dorado. (Task Force Games: UFP: The Federation Sourcebook for Prime Directive)

Alternative continuities[]

Delta Dynamics[]

The original configuration of the Bonhomme Richard subclass

Constitution Flight III

The USS Ari (NCC-1723) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser (of the Bonhomme Richard subclass) in Starfleet service during the mid- to late-23rd century. By 2265, all Bonhomme Richards (of the three types) had been upgraded to the Constitution Flight III standard. (Star Fleet Starship Recognition Manual: Report #298: Constitution Heavy Cruiser)

Dockyard Review[]

Fleet Captain Gerry Anderson was El Dorado's commanding officer sometime prior to 2292. (Dockyard Review)

Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulation[]

USS El Dorado, USS Excalibur, and USS Lexington were assigned to the 378th Cruiser Squadron in 2283 during the Klingon Empire's Taal Tan Offensive. They engaged a battle fleet of nine Klingon vessels. Excalibur and El Dorado sustained damages in the attack, but the Klingons were beaten back across the border. (The Taal Tan Offensive)

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