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The USS Entente (NCC-2120) was a Federation-class dreadnought active in the late 23rd century. The construction of Entente and her sister ships was authorized stardate 6066. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

While stardate 6066 would be c. 2270, all ships of this class entered Starfleet service several years earlier, per various fan continuities.

Commodore Darius Schmidt was in command from the 2260s to the 2270s. (Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures - Officer Betrayed)

Entente was alluded to in subspace traffic at Earth Spacedock when the refit USS Enterprise left drydock. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Entente Officers and Crew[]

Dedication plaque of the USS Entente

In the continuity of Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures

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