The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F) was an Odyssey-class starship in service during the 25th century. The second ship of her class, she was launched in 2409 under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon after the loss of his previous vessel, the USS Belfast. (Star Trek Online)


Shortly after her launch, in 2409, the Enterprise was instrumental in retaking Deep Space 9 from temporally displaced Dominion forces. (Star Trek Online: "Boldly They Rode")

In 2410, Armond, aboard the USS Phoenix-X, inquired about being transferred to the Enterprise-F. In the same year, virus-hologram, Mayhem, infected the ship, temporarily damaging systems. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Nightmare Anomaly", "Someone to Remember Them By")

In 2415, the Enterprise-F was the only ship in Starfleet to feature the full range of healthcare professionals that wasn't an hospital ship. That is, in addition to the typical trio of doctors, counselors and nurses, the Enterprise-F had an audiologist, a dentist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a podiatrist, a speech-language therapist, a dietician, and finally a midwife. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Wagon Train to the Stars")

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The full command crew of the Enterprise-F was introduced in the special mission "First Contact Day".

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