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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-H) was a Federation Independence-class heavy cruiser starship, under the command of Captain Joseph Alexander Vincent Jr. It was launched in 2453, on stardate 130153.7, serving as the flagship of Starfleet. The Enterprise was assigned to destroy any evidence of the long thought gone Genesis Project. (Star Trek: The Seed Of Khan)

schematics of the Enterprise

Command Staff[edit | edit source]

Commanding Officer
  • Captain Joseph Alexander Vincent Jr. (Human/Q male)
Executive Officer
Second Officer/Helmsman
  • Commander Gahimn Estele (Human male)
Third Officer/Operations Officer
  • Commander Kelt'ha Bre'as Desaan (Klingon female)
Marine Detachment Commander
  • Major Kovok, son of K'Dhan (Klingon male)
Tactical Officer
Chief of Security
Chief Engineer
  • Lt. Commander Commander Gralless (Tellarite male)
Chief Medical Officer
  • Lt. Commander Commander Nehimd Hetron (Deltan male)
Science Officer
  • Lt. Commander Thomas Proton (Android male)
Chief Communications Officer
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