"High elevation is the best elevation. The higher, the better the view."
— Nick Smith, Enterprise-JFAZW dedication plaque

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-JFAZW) was a Shatner-class Federation starship commanded by Dark Admiral Jean-Luc Hyperriker. It was commissioned in the year 14205, the 4,201,337th Federation ship to bear the name Enterprise. (Star Trek: Paradigms)

In 14205 the Enterprise-JFAZW went back in time to 2364, an incident which ended up with its crew being fused with the crew of the Enterprise-D, causing many of the crewmembers to become mixtures of crewmembers from both Enterprises. For example, Dark Admiral Wil Hyperriker (most probably a descendant of Will Riker from the Enterprise-D) was mixed with Jean-Luc Picard, and the new captain of the Enterprise-JFAZW became Jean-Luc Hyperriker.

Crew[edit | edit source]

The crew of the Enterprise-JFAZW was one of the most diverse ever seen in Starfleet, consisting of species found across the Milky Way Galaxy and other nearby galaxies. Many crewmembers were racially mixed, the most extreme example being Ensign John Kn'usn'xzy, who had over 200 species as ancestors.

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

In an alternate timeline the enterprise was destroyed after suffering a warp core breach caused when Hyperriker collided at speed with the warp core creating micro fractures in the warp plasma containment field.

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