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The USS Exeter (NCC-1672) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser on active duty in Starfleet from the mid- to at least the late 23rd century.

She was commissioned in March, 2246. (FASA)


Captain Ronald Tracey (2268)

Captain Ronald Tracey commanded the Exeter in the 2260s until 2268, when a pathogen from the planet Omega IV killed the entire crew, apart from Tracey, who survived on the planet until arrested by James Kirk six months later for violation of the Prime Directive. (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

The Exeter was decommissioned in 2297. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

Assignment patch[]

Command division patch

Like other ships in the 23rd century, the Exeter had a distinctive assignment patch, worn on the left breast of the crew uniform.

The badges used in "The Omega Glory" were made from a cut-up hand bag. The Starship Exeter costumes used gold fabric embroidered with black.


Original footage of the Exeter in orbit of Omega IV

Remastered footage of the Exeter in orbit of Omega IV

No official registry was established for the Exeter during the initial run of the Star Trek television series. In "The Omega Glory", the vessel was seen in from a distance which established her as a starship, a term that was used throughout the entire series to described the USS Enterprise and other vessels of a similar configuration, which we would later come to know as the Constitution class.

Several publications (most notably Stephen E. Whitfield's The Making of Star Trek and Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual) list Exeter with the registry NCC-1706. This is the registry shown in Starship Exeter and Star Trek: The Animated Series Comics.

More recently, official sources, including the official Star Trek web site and Michael Okuda’s Star Trek Encyclopedia and Star Trek Chronology, list the ship's registry as NCC-1672. This registry was assigned by Greg Jein, a model maker who worked with Okuda on TNG and the later incarnations of the Star Trek franchise. The number was derived from a chart in the office of Commodore Stone at Starbase 11 in "Court Martial". “Star Trek: Remastered” consistently uses the Jein registries, and in the remastered version of "The Omega Glory" the Exeter's registry is clearly visible as NCC-1672.

Alternate continuities[]

Hobbyist's Guide to the UFP Starfleet[]

In this continuity, after Exeter was towed away from Omega IV, she was renamed USS Indomitable. (Hobbyist's Guide to the UFP Starfleet, Part 1b)

Orion Press[]

Exeter and USS John F. Kennedy helped establish the Federation colony on Gamma Hydra IV in 2254. (Orion Press: The Mindsweeper)

In this continuity, the first Constitution-class Exeter, NCC-1672, was destroyed in orbit of Omega IV to prevent the spread of the plague onboard. A second Exeter, NCC-1706, was commissioned in 2272 and had linear warp drive, then recently introduced. ("Captain's Bars")

Ben al-Faisal was in command of Exeter beginning in 2282. ("Captain's Bars") As part of Task Force Four in 2285, Exeter survived the onslaught of Kelvan invasion forces and joined up with Task Force Six. (In Harm's Way)

Starfleet International[]

In the continuity of one Starfleet International chapter, the USS Exeter (NX-1706), an Enterprise-subclass starship, was one of the many heavy cruiser testbeds for transwarp drive ca. 2285. (Starfleet International: Starfleet Communiqué, May 1985)

USS Exeter (NCC-1706)
mission patch, 2320s.

In another chapter's continuity, Exeter was in service until the early 2320s and deployed to the Starfleet Second Fleet. Her commanding officer was Captain Anderson.

Different chapters in Starfleet International used the fictional metaphor of the Constitution-class USS Exeter in the early years of the parent organization. The Constitution class was a popular one, so there was more than one chapter named Exeter, Intrepid II, Lexington, Saratoga, etc.

Starship Exeter[]

Captain John Garrovick (2268)

A mission, led by Commander John Quincy Garrovick, was later put together by Starfleet Command to recover Exeter. She was successfully retrieved, decontaminated and returned to service under Garrovick's command. (Starship Exeter: "The Savage Empire")

Command crew[]

Star Trek Continues[]

The Exeter was destroyed in 2270 by rogue ESPers in a captured USS Kongo. (Star Trek Continues: To Boldly Go, Parts 1 and 2)


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